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TransformUs Movement is not just another nonprofit. We are on a clear mission with a clear trajectory to mobilize and empower people and organizations to join us in our efforts to affect change locally and globally.



Music is the heartbeat of TransformUs Movement because it breaks barriers and unites people like no other artform! Through this expression, we are able to inspire a generation that yearns for change with freedom and hope for a brighter future.​

Local Outreach

Once a quarter, we bring tangible resources wrapped with peace and love to communities in need. We encourage diverse groups of people to work together, creating a dynamic impact and synergy that revitalize the community.

Foreign Missions

Serving outside of our comfort zones in unfamiliar territory transforms US! Once a year, we travel overseas to bring humanitarian aid and economic empowerment to impoverished nations because it is just as life-changing for us as it is for those we serve.


Young Adults

Young adults long to feel connected and do things that really matter! Our mentorship program is a guided journey of self-discovery and purpose where they will be equipped for success and empowered to serve their families and communities effectively.

Need some motivation to shift from where you are to where you’re destined to be?


Forging the family unit and restoring strong family values are keys to revitalizing communities! We want to empower families with the tools and resources they need to develop healthier relationships, become a dynamic team, and leave a legacy of transformation.

More Information Coming Soon!

Community Leaders

We want to build a bridge between community leaders and the people they desire to reach. We offer interactive training and consulting services that help them connect with their target demographic and provide a simple yet effective strategy to make a lasting impact.

Do you need fresh ideas to engage young adults or reach your community?

See the Impact We Made Last Year


609 E. Main St. Suite #88
Arlington, TX 76010 

Office: 214-612-5364

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